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National Apprenticeship Training Foundation (NATF)


The National Apprenticeship Training Foundation (NATF) is a training corporation that specializes in customizing training programs for employers and individuals throughout the United States. Many of our programs are registered and certified through the U. S. Department of Labor. The staff of NATF has worked with employers since 1992 implementing training programs. Our primary focus is to work together with industry, employers, organizations, and individuals to realize their goals through training initiatives.Our training programs support employees at all levels and allows them to become competent in their current positions, as well as developing them for future roles. Our aim is to become part of the fabric of every company we work with by becoming a truly integrated seamless partner.

NATF plays a vital role in the business community. It encourages employment growth by providing a positive training program. We work closely with our clients to identify and build sustainable skills based on training programs that results in effective and measurable outcomes. NATF measures the success of the training program not only through our clients’ satisfaction but also through national standards of competency.

NATF can offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. Most of our training programs can be placed in four different categories: Skills Assessment, Specialized Training, Adult Apprenticeship, and Youth Career Training . Companies and individuals can take advantage of one or all the many programs offered. For information on any of the programs, please contact National Apprenticeship Training Foundation at 870-246-0320 or contact us at Info@NATF.US

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Contact office for application:
870-246-0320 or contact us by email at
Info@NATF.US or visit our website at WWW.NATF.US.

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ADULT APPRENTICESHIPWhat better way to learn a craft or specific skill than by working with an expert or as known in the trades, a master craftsman? Being an apprentice is an opportunity to learn from a master; skills that will enable you to advance in your career! Training time varies based on the occupation. The apprentice is paid for the on-the-job training and receives related classroom instruction. Apprenticeship trades: aerospace, carpenter, electrician, plumber, construction craft laborer, welder, equipment operator, boilermaker, pipefitter, energy lineman, industrial maintenance mechanic, machinist, and many more!

Youth career training and youth apprenticeship offers high school juniors and seniors opportunities to prepare for a career while in school. The program is a rigorous training system that combines technical instruction with $$PAID$$ on-the-job training. Students are trained at the workplace by mentors, journeyman or master craftsman. Competency based curriculum focuses on occupational clusters within an industry. Aerospace, Auto Service Technician, CNA, Electrical, Plumbing, Office Management, ar

Looking for an organization to provide specialized training courses either on-site or off? NATF can customize a training program based on your organization’s need. Our specialized training products and services are offered to provide your organization with a solution to your training needs without hiring a full-time employee. NATF can provide specialized training classes for management, new employees and existing employees including skills assessments. Courses are offered in technical and non-technical areas.

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National Apprenticeship Training Foundation (NATF)

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P O Box 537
Arkadelphia, AR

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